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Meat. The latest LAGMF initiative.

The Whiskey Widow, July 1 2024

Summer is here. That means it is grilling season. Smoking meat. Blackstone breakfasts. Time to cook outside. Adam loved cooking meat. Inviting people over to eat his smoked ribs, meatloaf, pulled pork, or burgers. He enjoyed buying in bulk and cooking for the masses. After losing Adam, we created the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund (LAGMF) as a...

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Completing a Blanton's collection on his final day.

The Whiskey Widow, May 7 2024

I decided if I must own 150+ bottles of whiskey, they may as well be pretty. Last year’s basement remodel by The Home Authority did just that. What a beautiful space to showcase Adam’s collection. He would have loved looking at these shelves, though it may have fueled his drive to keep hunting for rare and coveted

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A-Frame Getaway in Crosby, MN.

The Whiskey Widow, April 25 2024

I recently shared about fun times at Victual in the small town of Crosby, Minnesota. It wasn’t my first time there. I took my kids for our first Memorial Day weekend trip in 2022 as a family of four. We survived the first anniversary of my husband’s sudden death and then I packed up my kids and headed to Crosby, determined to enjoy the long...

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Keep Walking II

The Whiskey Widow, March 29 2024

There is so much sadness these days. Good people facing difficult circumstances. When tragedy strikes it can feel like some are looking at me to see how I got through. “Through” implies there’s another side. An end.

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Victual - a visit to the smallest liquor store in Minnesota.

The Whiskey Widow, March 5 2024

Hockey has taken me to Crosby, Minnesota three times this season. It holds a special place in my heart. It was the first solo trip I took the kids on by myself over Memorial Day the year after Adam died. I’ll tell you about that trip later. Today, I’m talking Victual. The smallest liquor store in

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Rest easy, Toby.

The Whiskey Widow, February 13 2024

The recent passing of Toby Keith had me reminiscing. I love his music - so many good singing songs. His patriotism. Adam loved country music and he loved America. Toby came over to Baghdad, Iraq when Adam and I were serving there in 2005. We waited patiently for him to fly in on a helicopter and put on a show in the middle of the

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A Realization in the Dreaded Task of Closet Cleaning.

The Whiskey Widow, January 26 2024

On my last radio appearance, we talked new years, new goals. Not quite “resolutions” because the word itself seems to imply lofty aspirations and certain failure. I shared the monthly goal list I work from and how breaking the year down into 12 smaller goals makes it easier for me to find

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The Whiskey Widow, January 2 2024

I’m grateful for this space to process my grief. I am still surprised when someone stops me to say they read my blog or sends me an email about a specific post that meant something to them. Blogs can feel like you’re writing to everyone and no one at all. I’ve been writing my whole life and never put it

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Bite-size goals. Long-term dreams.

The Whiskey Widow, December 31 2023

What dreams are you pursuing in 2024? I’m making a list. I’ve always been a resolution girl. Love to chart out a course for the coming year full of adventure and accomplishment.

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Blessings of Peace this Christmas.

The Whiskey Widow, December 21 2023

So much to get done, to attend, to pick up, to run by, to see and to do. There are days it is all too much. Single-parenting at Christmas is a never-ending hamster wheel where falling off comes with the pressure that you’re ruining the magic of a beautiful season for the little people in your

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