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As I struggle to figure out where life goes from here... I write.

Why whiskey?

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Well-meaning people often ask how we are doing. There’s no answer to that.

No simple grief summary I can provide.

I share this journey of life, loss, and whiskey here instead. Decide for yourself.

Victual - a visit to the smallest liquor store in Minnesota.

Hockey has taken me to Crosby, Minnesota three times this season. It holds a special place in my heart. It was the first solo trip I took the kids on by myself over Memorial Day the year after Adam died. I’ll tell you about that trip later. Today, I’m talking Victual. The smallest liquor store in

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Pour yourself a sip. Stay for the stories. Share in the loss.

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I am unexpectedly here. In a place I never thought I’d be. Widowed at 41.

I had a wonderful husband. Demanding career. A beautiful and chaotic life. But what I spent my first 40 years building, no longer exists.

Today, I’m a single parent of three, with an uncertain future, sifting through my late-husband’s whiskey collection.

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About Me

Life Before Loss

"Eat well, travel often" was basically a family motto. In recent years, I think we could add "drink whiskey." We loved adventures and were always planning our next trip. Here's a little collection of photos of our life before loss.

The Sweet Journey returns here.

The Sweet Journey

Last year, my therapist flatlined that there’s no joy in my life right now. As I sat in her office considering this observation, I knew she was right. She said I needed to find anything that sparks the tiniest bit of joy in me and do that until my ability to feel real joy returns.

Well over a decade ago, I had a little blog called This Sweet Journey about baking, my kids, house projects and recipes. It was so fun for me, back when we were building our first home and having our babies, to document the progress and events of life and share it with the handful of family and friends who followed along.

Welcome back to The Sweet Journey.

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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.